My hands!

For those of you that do not know me my HANDS are not the most exciting feature I have.  some would say they are "UGLY" others would say "THEY LOOK LIKE CONSTRUCTION HANDS"!! I say they are working hands of creativity! and after years of jokes and sooo much laughter about my hands I was chosen to be a hand model for a jewlery designer!
Mariann and I continue to always laugh at my hands please read below at what she wrote!
The Hands!!
She walked into the room and I watch many heads turn her way.  She flowed in with grace, strength and vitality.  She is wearing an off beat eclectic outfit with various colours and patterns.  Her hair is pulled off her face and wrapped in a bohemian scarf that set off her beautiful dark chocolate eyes.  As she smiles I see the joy and passion she has for life.  She is stunning.  I wonder does this girl have any imperfections?

Her hand touches her radiant skin on her face.  I stop, I look closer, her hands are different, simple, not made up at all! Surprising and strange. Could this be this women's flaw? They are not made up with fake nails or fancy colours.  Unlike the rest of this women her hands are not ornate or luxurious.  They show a different life.  A life that has seen a sink full of dishes, dug vegetables from the garden and built castles in the sand with children.  

Although her hands are simple she wears a unique piece of jewelry.  A ring that is large and stunning that draws attention to her humble hands.  As I stand and think further, although her hands are unassuming they are not a downfall at all.  They are an asset to who she is.  They make her real.  Someone you know who will run in the wind with you as a friend, or hold your hand when the times are rough.  

We all have our beauty and as well as our blemishes.  As women and goddesses what we need to remember is every part of us shows who we are, the hardships we have endeared and the joys we have experienced. We all must celebrate who we are, embrace our inner and outer beauty and shine in every way!!

As for the girl with the not so perfect hands, I am proud and feel extremely blessed to call her my friend. 

To Nancy thank you for being a great person and an amazing friend.  As well thanks for excepting and loving me, faults and all!!!!!

I love you my friend!

smiles Mariann Arnott


  1. Wow... what a beautiful and true thing to have written about you!
    I love the idea of redefining whats beautiful because it is unique to you!
    It makes you who you are.

  2. Nancy, reading that gave me goosebumps.


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