My new necklace

Purchased at Tomorrow never knows
Vintage & Handmade Boutique @
1207 bloor street west 2nd Floor

My friend Ross!! Her name is Linda but I call her Ross!

    This women is always put together from head to toe!! I have known Ross 
    for years and there has never ever been a time she came to work with out
    her hair, nails and makeup all put together with her clothing!
    You are example and inspiration to women! 
    thanksssss U for always LOOKING GREATTTT and most importantly for

Green with Blue Day!

    Today I mixed a few colours and textures together! My hair is braided to one
    side and I fancied it some more with a head band from
    Entire outfit is  Shoes are blue suede from 80/20.

LG Fashion Week


This was the best dressed person at the show!! Louboutin shoes!!! my goodness
                 This womens hat was stunning!! Just loved it!

Alicia's Wedding

I was Alicia's maid of honour.
She looked gorgeous.
Her dress was ordered from
My dress was made from
My necklace was made by me. I took apart an Ikea Chandalier and wrapped it around my neck and arm.

With the cold weather arriving off and on BLACK is the colour I seem to gravitate towards!!

My wool jacket is Markage
Silk Top/Dress- great piece it can be worn at least 5 different ways!
from Veronique from
tights are from Holt's
Shoes are from Browns
sunglasses Balenciagia

She's in my shoes!

Today when i arrived at work Maggie just LOVED my shoes!
I told her to give them a try and walk around the office with them on!!!!
As she took her shoes off I saw her socks that have her name on them and the meaning of her name!! We all have our own fashion secrets and this was hers!!


My hands!

For those of you that do not know me my HANDS are not the most exciting feature I have.  some would say they are "UGLY" others would say "THEY LOOK LIKE CONSTRUCTION HANDS"!! I say they are working hands of creativity! and after years of jokes and sooo much laughter about my hands I was chosen to be a hand model for a jewlery designer!
Mariann and I continue to always laugh at my hands please read below at what she wrote!
The Hands!!
She walked into the room and I watch many heads turn her way.  She flowed in with grace, strength and vitality.  She is wearing an off beat eclectic outfit with various colours and patterns.  Her hair is pulled off her face and wrapped in a bohemian scarf that set off her beautiful dark chocolate eyes.  As she smiles I see the joy and passion she has for life.  She is stunning.  I wonder does this girl have any imperfections?

Her hand touches her radiant skin on her face.  I stop, I look closer, her hands are different, simple, not made up at all! Surprising and strange. Could this be this women's flaw? They are not made up with fake nails or fancy colours.  Unlike the rest of this women her hands are not ornate or luxurious.  They show a different life.  A life that has seen a sink full of dishes, dug vegetables from the garden and built castles in the sand with children.  

Although her hands are simple she wears a unique piece of jewelry.  A ring that is large and stunning that draws attention to her humble hands.  As I stand and think further, although her hands are unassuming they are not a downfall at all.  They are an asset to who she is.  They make her real.  Someone you know who will run in the wind with you as a friend, or hold your hand when the times are rough.  

We all have our beauty and as well as our blemishes.  As women and goddesses what we need to remember is every part of us shows who we are, the hardships we have endeared and the joys we have experienced. We all must celebrate who we are, embrace our inner and outer beauty and shine in every way!!

As for the girl with the not so perfect hands, I am proud and feel extremely blessed to call her my friend. 

To Nancy thank you for being a great person and an amazing friend.  As well thanks for excepting and loving me, faults and all!!!!!

I love you my friend!

smiles Mariann Arnott

Beautiful hot day in the city!

hair wrap my own creation
tank from SDG
necklace from a new store on bloor called Tomorrow Never Knows
shoes are Sam Elderman

great tshirts! check out my creations on ebay!

No thought it what to wear today!

Today I just woke up and got dressed no thought but my
 goodness soooo
many great comments!
Those are the great days when no thought was put into my outfit!
sequins suspenders are diesel
boots are tretorn.
hat is h&m

10 QUOTES OF STYLE & FASHION by: Anna Dello Rosso (Japanese Vogue Director)

1) If there is harmony between ITSELF
and his own BODY, a STYLE will born.
2) When you don't feel to dress
means that you are depressed.
3) If you like to be relaxed, you will
never get the LOOK.
Fashion is always UNCOMFORTABLE!

4) NO matter the size of your body!
FASHION to flatter every figure
(VOGUE US April 2010)
5) Wear just NIGHT-CLOTHES
in daytime.
6) Color me! ACCESSORIZE me!
shock me!

 7) FASHION is such stuff as
DREAMS are made on...

8) Fashion is a MUSE,
you must seduce her.

 9) Shall we dance? take your MUSE
to dance, fashion loves music.
10) So between FASHION and STYLE?
Absolutely FASHION... is less
pretentious, is authentic.
FASHION is declaration of own freedom.

i just love these looks!

Shopping Day with Denise! Marc Jabobs Event at Holt Renfrew

My whole wardrobe would not fit in this bag!
My head scarf is my own material creation.
My fur vest is from (fabric store) sale bin in New York city.
Jumper is from Desperately Different.
Shoes are irregular choice.
Bag is made by Fly Ball Bags

Holt Renfew window display was Burberry and they are British and so are my shoes!!!!

         Denise tops are from club monaco, military pants costa blanca,
                 leather jacket by danier, shoes by aldo her fabulous cuff is
by herself and her fabulous purse is by Michael Kors.
Denise is an artist also and you can check out her stuff at

We could not resist taking a picture with these MEN!!!!

i need to have this fascinator! so if you see it or find it please let me know!!!

anything goes!!!

My creations happen so early in the morning and literally
in the dark.  So today I am calling it anything goes!! So it
was a bit cold this early morning and hence the layers and the
arm warmers.

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