I was approached for the second time (this time on my bicycle with my 4inch heels) from a toronto fashion photographer named Nigel! He stops "people on the streets of Toronto who he finds are fashionable" and takes pictures of them and then puts them on his blog! http://www.torontoverve.org/

He inspired me to start a blog!
so here it goes!

The Jacket is from Gsus, scarf from Mendocino, shirt dress is from Chasse Garden, sunglasses are Balenciaga.

Outfit is from my favourite designer Katya! she is from desperatley different! she makes me feel soooo cool in her clothing! check her GREAT stuff out at http://www.desperatelydifferent.com/

shoes are from Browns! Yes I only wear FABULOUS shoes riding my bicycle. My motto is if i get hurt or killed at least i had on great shoes!!
Please do not tell your children.

I just came out of LUSH buying my favourite Fresh Handmade Natural Cosmetics store! http://www.lush.com/
try Turkish Delight "Shower with thousands of roses "and you will be hooked in that store for life! SORRYYYYYYYY


  1. yayyyy!!! i finally got to see the famous bicycle!!! hahahha

  2. Mariann and Mak9/27/2010 4:27 PM

    Mak and I are loving the bike shoes!! She wants to know how the bike is doing and hopefully it is running good after it's little tumble..lol


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