Rainy Day

Head wrap- own design/creation
boots are Hunter
stockings footless from Legs
skirt???? update later
yellow leather jacket from Danier.

layering day!

I love wearing layers and today it was sunny but a bit cold
I am wearing shirt from desperately different, vest from Forever 21,
pants are from desperately different
shoes are Sam Elderman
bohemain bracelet (blue) comes with four colours from http://www.etsy.com/shop/fiberalley

i needed to cover my star tattoo and i thought since i do not live life inside a box i would have a triangle representing who i am and the dashes are the walks i take through life!


Today was all about my socks! I was either stared at or commented at in regards to my polka dot socks???

The black silk dress is from Susan Harrison Design!  The vest which i am wearing along the rib cage is from Paper people clothing! It was raining in the morning hence why the rubber booties which are Tretorn
socks are from Ardene 5 for $10. Great selections.

flying shoes

i decided today to take pics of my shoes!

when i got these shoes they slipped off my feet so
      i redesigned them by getting gromets put throughout
      the entire shoe and then got lace and now they
 do not fall off.

i need to have this outfit for Spring 2011

another early morning hair day! a hair style for a video shoot!

i just finished the hair style!
i am wearing desperately different AGAIN i know but what is not to love from this girl!
socks are american apparael
head band is www.loveheadmistress.com

Exciting BRIGHT Day - Hired to do hair styling for a fashion photoshoot

i am taking a break from the first hair style which turned out fabulous as you will see below.
wearing desperately different jumper and yellow silk top is worn upside down
leg warmers are from lululemon
shoes are Sam Edelman

this model was a pleasure to work with! she was not only beautiful on the outside but a beautiful person.

everyone loved my outfit today????

necklace dandi maestre
vest H & M 20/20 collection
pants kaylee tankus from Fawn Boutique
shoes 20/80

clip from chris (carol Burnett show)

chris from work thought this video clip would be great for my blog and i could not agree more!!
this is something i would do hehheheheh

Colourful DAYY

Every article of clothing is from desperately different
the shoes with key chain charms is from irregular choice
hat from garage sale $1.00
necklace from paris designer ----- purchased from Eko on Queen

Cold weather is in the air!!!

clothing all from desperately different
shoes from irregular choice! (my favourite to date)
head wrap my own creation of material

Graduation Day from Hair-Styling School! Talking to teacher prior to Ceremony

clothing from desperately different AGAIN!! i know i think
katya was made to make clothes for just ME!!
shoes desperately different
I was approached for the second time (this time on my bicycle with my 4inch heels) from a toronto fashion photographer named Nigel! He stops "people on the streets of Toronto who he finds are fashionable" and takes pictures of them and then puts them on his blog! http://www.torontoverve.org/

He inspired me to start a blog!
so here it goes!

The Jacket is from Gsus, scarf from Mendocino, shirt dress is from Chasse Garden, sunglasses are Balenciaga.

Outfit is from my favourite designer Katya! she is from desperatley different! she makes me feel soooo cool in her clothing! check her GREAT stuff out at http://www.desperatelydifferent.com/

shoes are from Browns! Yes I only wear FABULOUS shoes riding my bicycle. My motto is if i get hurt or killed at least i had on great shoes!!
Please do not tell your children.

I just came out of LUSH buying my favourite Fresh Handmade Natural Cosmetics store! http://www.lush.com/
try Turkish Delight "Shower with thousands of roses "and you will be hooked in that store for life! SORRYYYYYYYY

"today i was told that i look like i have bees buzzing around my head"

Jacket was once a kimono that i redesigned
Pants was once a jumper that i re-designed into pants by Elm
headpiece also known as "fascinator" is made by Ohhelie hat
shoes/boots are iiregular choice
bag which i love is from
complex geometrics which i got from Fawn Boutique.
top and pants from desperately different
shoes are irregular choice
pink necklace H & M
Bone necklace Dandi Maestre
Black bull horn Ring Dante Maestre

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